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For 10 years, we have provided free event photos to the  United States Air-force, Army and Navy. We never imagined we would grow to over 40+ events a year including: New Years, Valentines, Easter and Christmas with many other amazing events scattered throughout the year. We’ve outgrown the ability to self fund these events out of our own pockets and are now asking you to help us keep this dream alive!


We urgently need your support to upgrade our equipment, staff, and data management capabilities so that we can give free photos throughout the year. 


Please help us give our brave men and women their own #Militaryphotomoments


Our story


My mom and i came up with this idea 10 years ago. She was a merchandiser on base and i was running a photography and print company. We combined resources to offer free on site digital green screen event photos to the enlisted soldiers and their families. We have grown and expanded the number of events we provide on a yearly basis. This past year we committed to over 35+ special events that ranged from Large Christmas Celebrations to Black history month and everything else in between.




Now after hosting over 250 events the past 10 years, We urgently need your help to continue this dream. We need to update equipment, data management software, backdrops and transport vehicles so we can become more mobile and visit more military bases around the country. 


We have put our sweat and tears into keeping this alive and fave a David and Goliath challenge going forward. We were forced to charge a small fee on our Christmas photos this year because we just couldn’t afford the staff, and data processing for the 4000 trainees who attended. 


We don’t want to pass this cost on to the soldiers and their families ever again!!!


The more money we raise the more locations and events we can commit to. We want to visit the on base hospitals as well as provide photo services for the retired personnel as well. 


Please back our campaign so we can grow beyond our wildest belief and provide magical photo moments to all who serve our country so proudly. 


What we need 


We would need to raise 10,000 to continue as is. 


Thats just 500 people giving $20 on average - some more some less


We can obtain this goal!!!!


Of course the more we raise we could include travel vehicles and crews to provide a service all over the country! 


The pictures speak for themself!!!!


Other ways you can help


We would love for you to make a donation of any kind or size. But we always appreciate the following if you can’t!




•  Post and repost this campaign and let people know we are serious about this amazing cause!

•  Use indiegogo’s share tools and spread the message!

•  Share share share!!!!!!!!!!